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3 FOR FREE THEN $3 and the


“Kings of the Ring” is a very unique product and concept, with no real apples to apples equivalent, so it's difficult to directly compare it with other offerings out there.  Kings is fiction and audio so it’s not like a wrestling biography book, it’s like PPV but it isn’t on TV, it’s like a streaming wrestling network but featuring one program, Kings of the Ring is simply unlike anything else that's out there.

We want Kings of the Ring to last BEYOND one season


We like producing Kings of the Ring and would like to make more seasons of this unique show, but there are unique expenses to producing this type of program compared to a standard wrestling interview or news show.  Standard wrestling podcasts are also able to attain certain levels of sponsorship because they run weekly with outputs of around 50 per year.  By its scripted and produced nature, Kings of the Ring's first season is a 16-episode run like a TV show. 


While multiple Audio Drama Podcasts have accumulate massive audiences, the subject matter of those shows are more mainstream in nature, with a high percentage of casual listeners.  To keep Kings of the Ring authentic and true to itself as a genuine presentation of the inside wrestling business, as an audio presentation, our greatest appeal will always be to passionate wrestling fans, not the mainstream casual crowd.

 There is an endless graveyard of top notch Audio Drama Podcasts that last one season because they are 100% free.  
Rather than sell the entire show like a novel or audiobook, we decided to make ourselves accessible to more fans as a podcast, and rather than ask for donations, we wanted to give you something more direct and will offer "Kings of the Ring" like how WWE delivers PPV's, with the “3 for Free then $3” plan.  The first 3 episodes are FREE (like Raw or SD), then you get the PPV episode for only $3 (like the WWE PPV shows), then the next 3 are FREE, then the one after that is a $3 PPV and the cycle continues.  This allows everyone to get a taste of what Kings is about, pay a nominal few dollars over the course of a couple few months, and most importantly will allow Kings of the Ring to continue, and avoid being one of the many compelling audio drama podcasts that end up pulling the plug after 10 episodes or so.


And we are so confident you will enjoy the full season of Kings of the Ring we are offering a Starrcast Special.  From now until the end of September, if you don't feel Episode #4 "Chi-Town Rumble" was worth $3, then email us at and tell us why, and we will refund your $3.  


Click HERE for details on "3 for Free then $3" and how to order the full 45-minute "PPV" Episode #4 “Chi-Town Rumble”

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