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Kings of the Ring, while fictional and based on real-life is not a parody,  spoof or comedy portraying wrestling and its people like a joke.  While there is comedy within, It's a drama and is quite gritty.

While many of the events and characters of Kings of the Ring are inspired by the real-life legends, rumors, stories, and people of professional wrestling, the characters portrayed in Kings of the Ring are fictitious and are not a biography of any individual lives or a documented listing or timeline of any real-life people. 


The “Kingsverse” is a fictional world, and while many of its characters are inspired by real life figures, personalities, names, backstories and history will always be changed from one degree to another.  Other examples of this sort of "Roman a Clef" storytelling are the movies:



However Galaxy Quest is probably the closest.  The only difference between John Travolta’s character in Primary Colors and Bill Clinton is the name, and that movie was even written by a former Clinton staffer. 


“Kings of the Ring” is far more modified than this, because its not so much about changing identities to protect anyone, as it is having the freedom to manipulate and re-arrange stories and figures to assemble a cohesive, dramatic, and entertaining story.

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