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The Kings of the Ring is wrestling’s first Audio Drama Podcast, a fictional re-telling of the 1980’s wrestling business, written and produced like a cable TV drama.  It follows the rise and fall of the power brokers, or “kings” of professional wrestling, as they navigated their way through the 80’s, the wars they waged, the games they played, and the decisions they made that shaped the sport.  And while based on the real life people, legends, and stories, the Kings of the Ring is fiction.


Kings of the Ring TODAY is a Wrestling News & Commentary Podcast that focuses on the real-life news and moves of today's power brokers, and the news they make that shapes today's wrestling world through the WWE, NXT, AEW, ROH, New Japan, AAA, Impact, MLW, Lucha Underground, and everywhere else.

There are hundreds and hundreds of wrestling podcasts available today, but this show will be a single topic and focused on that topic, with all episodes around 20 minutes or less, and will hopefully offer some insight and perspective that you’re not getting everywhere else, as someone who’s worked in wrestling since the mid 90’s as a performer in the ring, written for Dave Meltzer’s Observer website, and worked as a Booker and wrote TV for a WWE Hall of Famer for many years.


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