Rise of Cain




only $15!

only $15!



The OFFICIAL NOVEL Adaptations of Fiction's most Downloaded Wrestling Podcast are available exclusively on AMAZON!

This isn't a mere transcription of the Audio Drama Podcast, this is a full blown Novel series like the Game of Thrones books.  For those who simply don't listen to Podcasts, whether by choice or because of being Hearing Impaired, you can now finally follow the Kings of the Ring!

  • Perfect Reference Manual and Accessory to the Audio Drama Podcast!

  • Over 300 packed Pages each!

  • Buy it for your stuffy wrestling friends who only read!

  • INDEX and MAP of the World Wrestling Alliance Territories!

  • EXPANDED SCENES far beyond the Audio Drama Podcast!



DELETED SCENES only heard on Patreon or NEVER before seen!

  • Julian Cain recruiting Thor Hansen!

  • Miss Kitty in Tallahassee with sleazy spot-show Promoter, Luther Warren!

  • "Diamond" Donny Gold's first day with the Empire!

  • "Brutal" Bob Walker's call to Charlie Gotch 

  • Julian Cain's MEETS Jack Valiant

  • Burt Ironside cutting a live promo to get Raphael Angel over as his "son"

  • What happened to KJ Parker that got him to go to ABC News Exposed

  • The Empire's Diamond Donny Gold at the same airport as Jesse James and the rest of the Charlotte crew he deserted and so MUCH MORE!


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