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All of the featured Voice Actors from the most unique podcast in wrestling are all from the wrestling business, with a wide variety of experience and talents!

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Te Tai

This US-born talent was the first Maori New Zealander to be named Booker of a US wrestling promotion, and to be a pro-wrestling manager.  In the business since 1995, trained by Afa the Wild Samoan to wrestle and manage as the outspoken and demented "Prophet" in Northeast & Midwest indies in the 90s and 2000s, followed by creative contributions to Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling, NXT/FCW, WWF and various independents across the US.

The Creator and Writer of "Kings of the Ring" is also your humble narrator, and the Eddie Murphy of this unique show, handling the majority of voice characterization.


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This 2nd generation wrestler is a genuine superstar from the 1980's and part of a legendary wrestling family, headed by his father Angelo Poffo and brother "Macho Man" Randy Savage. While starting in the Memphis/Louisville area as a competing Territory to Jerry Jarrett & Jerry Lawler, Lanny and brother Randy wrestled throughout the world before landing in the WWF.

There"Leaping" Lanny Poffo introduced the moonsault to America along with customized poetry before every match, and as "The Genius", managed "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, and even defeated WWF Champion Hulk Hogan on NBC on Saturday Night's Main Event! 


In recent years, Lanny has given back to the sport, supporting newer generation wrestlers like "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal and unique ventures like "Kings of the Ring", where he plays provides the voice for phenom Vance Armstrong!


Wrestling’s raconteur truly is one of the funniest performers in the wrestling business. This wrestler, actor, talk show host, and Bea Arthur advocate does it all! The star of AEW’s number one talk show Hey EW!, AEW Red Carpet, and other AEW specials, he’s also a former host of WWE’s Wednesday Morning Wakeup on WWE’s The Bump, (both on Peacock and WWE social platforms), hosted WWE’s first comedy special, WrestleMania After

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Dark, subject of a Documentary on the Fight Network, a hilarious appearance on Celebrity Family Feud, and a host of other content on the RJ City You Tube page.


RJ City dives into the Kingsverse with his portrayal of the Andy Kaufman-inspired Jimmy Buck in Seasons 3 & 4. The past-his-peak Hollywood comedian who looks to revive his career with the ultimate publicity stunt: becoming a pro-wrestler.  Going from old tyme comedian to full blown Joker maniac, RJ City's performance gives us some great stuff!

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The Brooklyn-born and raised, Evan Ginzburg, is one of the most pre-eminent advocates for the sport of wrestling, and a jack-of-all-trades contributor and participant. He was Associate Producer (and actor) in Darren Aronofsky's Oscar-nominated The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke, and for powerful documentary 350 Days starring Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, Greg Valentine, and many others. He's been a commentator, interviewer, ringside manager, as well as agent to Nikolai Volkoff, Johnny Valiant, Nicole Bass, Lanny Poffo, and many more.

He was host of The Evan Ginzburg Show, Legends Radio, Evan Ginzburg's Legends TV, and co-host of the Wrestling & Everything Coast to Coast podcast. He's an accomplished author and columnist for Pro Wrestling Stories and Pro Wrestling Post, and his long-awaited upcoming autobiography short story collection: Wrestling Rings, Blackboards and Movie Sets is coming this year.


Evan plays "Morty Rosenberg", the long-time Hollywood agent/manager for Jimmy Buck (played by RJ City) who is skeptical of Jimmy's scheme to use pro-wrestling as a way to boost his movie career.


"Mr. International" is one of the pre-eminent voices in MMA and Pro-Wrestling. As Play-by-Play announcer, Ring Announcer, Host, or Interviewer, for the UFC Contenders, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, Cyrus Fees, XFC, EFC, UAE Warriors, Global Force Wrestling, the NWA 75th Anniversary Special, and combat shows around the world, as well as Host of the In this Corner with Cyrus Fees podcast, interviewing the top stars and legends of the UFC and MMA.

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Cyrus has portrayed a number of voices in the Kingsverse over the years, such as ornery heel Tex Harper, Julian Cain's accountant Jerry Guzman, and of course the Empire's #1 ring announcer Chase Sterling. But his most popular voice among fans is cocky heel Raphael Angel AKA Kenny "The Best" West.


LA Smooth AKA The Great Alofa AKA the Tahitian Warrior, is the second son of WWE Hall of Famer, Afa the Wild Samoan and a treasured member of the most successful family in wrestling, better known as The Samoan Dynasty.


This agile powerhouse has competed throughout the world for decades in WWE, ECW, WWC, and promotions around the world since the 1980's as a Headshrinker, Samoan Gangsta, a Son of Samoa, and a singles star.


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Lloyd is also an actor having worked on multiple independent films, and a featured role in 1st cousin Roman Reigns' commercial for Lipton Brisk Ice Tea as part of the Fast franchise's spinoff Hobbs and Shaw: How do you open a can of whup ass?

Speaking Spanish from his years wrestling in Puerto Rico, Lloyd played many of the voices in Donny Gold's adventure in PR, the original voice of Thor Hansen, plus Southern Rebel Dickie Wayne, and Scatman Jones, all in Seasons 1 & 2.


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