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“My highest recommendation goes to the podcast KINGS OF THE RING, wrestling’s first audio drama. It is an amazing fictional re-telling of the 1980's "Wrestling Wars". It is a pleasure to listen to, a work of Art; you have actor voices, sound effects, music score and a soundtrack telling this epic sex, drugs and muscles story. Don’t you dare miss it…”

--Evan Ginzburg, Associate Producer of The Wrestler and 350 Days.

“Such an awesome concept and gripping drama. If you love wrestling, you’ll love this … Some really great people involved, and it’s cool to be a part of the era of wrestling that captured me as a kid.”

--MMA, NWA, and GFW announcer Cyrus Fees @cyrustheshow on Twitter

--I loved it and I am not even a wrestling fan.  I just finished episode 12 and waiting for more.  Seriously.  I laughed out loud, got chills and was legitimately moved at times. 

--Iain MacHutchin, Email to

"Happy to finally be a Patron. Steve is one of the most talented and knowledgeable person I've ever met. KingsOTR is my favorite historocal wrestling content." 

--Randy "Pops" Lanzalore, Host of DWYT$B podcast, and "Top Guy" Patron

“I AM HOOKED !!! This is fantastic”

--@BMjohnson969 on Twitter

“It's different and entertaining, and even feels fresh, despite being from scenes decades ago You are onto something big.” 

--Greg Tingle, Media Man Int, on Facebook

"I think the whole series is fascinating. I kind of compare it to the Marvel universe, in that if you know or don't know the "source material", it's different and creative enough to keep you guessing. I try not to impose anyone onto any character. Even tho Thor Hansen is comparable to Hulk, he's not. There is so much amazing and great (along with scandalous and tragic) things that happened, I can't wait to hear the series take on them. I truly enjoy what your doing with the series, and can't wait til the first!"

--@SonnyG58 on Twitter

“Holy crap...this has been my Sunday thus far. Starting episode 7 but had to just chime in. Completely hooked as my childhood and all those memories flood back in. WELL EFFIN DONE. Still a little up in the air about who a few of the boys may be but JUST WOW!  A huge walk down memory lane all from the comfort of my home. I loved the TV and the live events but as I got older I wanted more from the underbelly of it all and this does it.

--@Big_Bub on Twitter

“Fresh, unique, and written by an industry insider, Kings of the Ring brings the drama and joy of 80's WWF-style wrestling that you've missed. Check it!

--Ava Black @jlightbody11 Author of The Bug Jar, on Twitter

"I love this show so much, anyone who knows me, I barely pay attention to wrestling any more. This sucks me right back in.”

--KJ Parker on Facebook

​"Just finished the third episode of this. It's a great start, I really enjoyed it. It's clear to see the real life inspirations for parts of the stories but that doesn't stop the immersion in this world. I'll be subbing from now on. Thanks." 

--IAmahTheahGameah, Reddit

 “Mimics real life close enough to understand who some of the bigger characters are, but puts a fictional spin on it.”

--@Mike_Arrant on Twitter

"A fascinating look at pro wrestling during the dawn of cable television. And while fictional, it carries enough honesty to engage even a wrestling historian. Can’t wait to see where this goes next. AMC, HBO, this feels like your next hit drama." 

—Buck Rosenberg on Facebook


"I think the whole story is awesome so far and I'm enjoying the format because I can insert real wrestlers and stuff with the characters that they remind me of. I'm hooked and want the rest of the season already lol."

--Jason Roeser, Email to

“I’ll be listening to Episode 8 tomorrow morning. I may just redownload and listen to them all again!!!” 

--Pops from the @DYWTSB podcast

I really like this audio drama, you do really good work. It’s such a unique concept too, never thought I’d ever hear one about wrestling.

--JCAOfThe661, Reddit


Seriously, #8 was the best ever.  The character development has been on point and it really drove everything home.  Was the perfect mid season finale

--Burke Fengler, Email  to


“Heard about this on Dinner with the King and love it.. really upset I’m all caught up and have to wait for more”

@theharleyhawg on Twitter

"A one of a kind production.  Absolutely love it!"

--UncleP2010 on iTunes Review


“Omg i can't wait to listen! I'm on my second go around with the series. Currently on ep5, but might skip right to the new one!”

--@SonnyG58 on Twitter

"I'm marking out right now. Just finished episode 1. This is awesome! 👏👏 👏👏👏"   

--Tusi Mailo, Email to

"I binge listened to Kings of the Ring podcast and I’m hooked! Episode 5 can’t come soon enough! Need some closure here...." 

--@JJDreyfuss on Twitter

​"Steve TeTai has the perfect voice for narrating @KingsOTR and does an amazing job at it"

@JoshMaggot8 on Twitter

"Dude, I love this genre and for some reason never thought of pro wrestling coming into it. I am hugely intrigued."   

--Xaphianon, Reddit


"Oh my lord! This is incredible!!!"

--ChrisGSKC, Reddit

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