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Following Starrcast and the emails, Tweets, and FB DM’s since launch,

here are the most common questions:


How long are episodes?


less than 30 minutes, with occasional 45-minute Jumbo specials

How many episodes in Season One?


Season One is currently projected at 20 episodes.


How long do we have to wait until the next episodes?


New episodes should drop every 3 weeks.  Be sure to Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook to get notification on when the new episodes will drop.


Does Kings of the Ring use real names and events?


For the privacy and dignity of the men and women who inspired the characters and events of KingsOTR, and for the creative license to present the best and most cohesive show in a “cable TV drama” format, efforts were made to present this world, as an altered world from the one we live in, and to not have any EXACT matches to real life people.


Which podcast apps carry KingsOTR?


Searching “Kings of the Ring” should pull us up on virtually any podcast app at this point.  We’ve lost count on the number of different applications people are listening to KingsOTR on.


Will there be outside actors be brought in to do more voices? 


Yes.  Actual wrestling industry people are being brought it as "Special Guest" Voice actors for multiple parts.  So far, LA Smooth from the Samoan Dynasty wrestling family and GFW, NWA, and MMA commentator and ring announcer Cyrus Fees have contributed so far.

Is there a Kickstarter account I can donate to, to be a character like in the Jim Cornette “Behind the Curtain” comic book?


No, but as for "characters" like the Cornette book?  Look here for Naming Rights.


Who does the voices?


The Creator and Writer, Steve Te Tai does the majority of the voices.  Think Tom Hanks in Polar Express with the Special Guest Voices from the wrestling industry joining starting with Episode 6.

How do you present the 1980's wrestling scene as far as the racism, sexism, and homophobia?  

Authenticity is extremely important to me, as the writer and creator.  While the wrestling authenticity is a biggest factor, the authenticity of the 1980's as far as how women, minorities, and the gay community were treated or portrayed in wrestling is also important.  To remove the elements of that day, due to the standards of 2018 would be a major break in the credibility of this show's authenticity, which I feel would completely remove you from the immersion experience of Kings as an 80's wrestling world. (the level of equality for these groups in wrestling was vastly different to today.)

At the same time, I also don't want to revel and bathe in it either, and hide behind "accuracy" so I can belittle or demean women and minorities.  What I hope to achieve is a balance in including these elements in an amount accurate for those times, and at the same time present these in a way that isn't demeaning to you personally as the audience, even if the characters in the story are demeaning them.  I am a minority in the US (not in NZ), with a young daughter, and while she's too young to listen to Kings, I would not want to produce a show that is going to send the message to society that minorities, the gay community, or women, are lesser and it's funny to demean, belittle, and make jokes out of them.  And hopefully that contrast will be apparent and entertaining, without breaking a 4th wall or sneaking in 2018 terminology into the story.


And while not as numerous as the male characters, there are strong female characters that will be a part of the Kings-Verse, while still retaining authenticity for that time period.

Will “Kings of the Ring” be released as a book?


After Season One, “Kings of the Ring” would likely be released as an e-book in 2019, and possibly in print form as well.  The novelization would be an extended cut of the Podcast, featuring the full-length versions of the original scripts that were cut or reduced for the time constraints of a the episodic format of a podcast.


Is “Kings of the Rings” a TV show?


It is an audio-only production released as a podcast.  It was originally conceived as a TV show, and will hopefully be produced as such, one day.

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