Wall of Thanks

There are many people to thank for the production of the 'Kings of the Ring" show, for a variety of reasons.  And names will be added over time.

Thank You's

These are some of those who helped this show become a reality or grow through direct contribution or advice, assistance, review, test screening, marketing help, mentorship, support, and so much more...

Afa Anoa'i

Jeff Jarrett

Lloyd Anoa'i

Cyrus Fees

Samu Anoa'i

Sal Bellomo

Burke Fengler

Dave Meltzer

Conrad Thompson

Dave Hancock

Jerry Lawler

Glenn Moore

Vincent Goodnite

Jason Delvaux

Christina Nomura

Paddy Te Tai

William & Hunter

Gary King

Mike Buck

The Patrons

These are the "superfans" of Kings of the Ring.  The fans who are first to download and listen and are most enthusiastic listeners.  Thanks so much for taking that step to support "Kings of the Ring" financially ...

Scott Despins

William George




Glenn Hannon

Michael Piehl





Tusi Mailo

Buck Elk Thunder

Jason Roeser

Luke Evans

KJ Parker

Jerry Guzman

Jeremiah Dabolt

Dave the Powelifter

American Travis

Zack Lyke

Russ Linderman

Michael Sluck

Toasty Ravyn

Rob Dziema

Ian BoBean

Nathan Wilkinson

Dom Rose

Yosemite Smith

Randy "Pops" Larzelere

Jon Snyder

Justin Taylor

Matthew Rodgers

Daniel Anderson

Justin Harig

Patrick Hayden

Bill Alexander


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