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"Being a 3rd generation promoter of professional wrestling, as soon as I heard about the show I loved the concept! Kings of the Ring is a suspenseful, wrestling soap opera with a passionate salute to the era of the 1980’s which was the heyday of the territory business and my father and grandmother’s promotion. Looking forward to a second season!"


--Jeff Jarrett 

WWE Hall of Famer, WCW, NWA, Impact World Champion, 3rd Generation Wrestling Promoter, and 80's Wrestler!


KINGS OF THE RING is Game of Thrones meets Mad Men inside a wrestling ring.  A fictionalized and romanticized re-telling of the 1980’s Wrestling Wars, following the rise and fall of the power brokers of the sport, while offering a peek into the sex, drugs, and muscles lifestyle of the 80’s wrestler and the sacrifices they make for success.  


It is created and produced by people from the wrestling business to be the definitive series based on the wrestling industry just like other ensemble cast "workplace dramas" Nashville, Mad Men, Ballers, Empire, Mozart in the Jungle, The Sopranos, and many more. It's an Audio Production like no other, a true "theater of the mind" experience with actor voices, sound effects, music score and soundtrack, all to tell this epic wrestling saga.

"It's wrestling ... it's the 1980's ...

it's sex, drugs, and muscles baby ..."

KINGS OF THE RING is a gathering of all the greatest stories, tall tales, rumors, and even "what if's?", of the behind the scenes world of pro-wrestling, all modified, re-arranged and re-assembled in the context of one GIGANTIC fictional soap opera.

While the characters are based on archetypes, they are fictional.  But many of the events, no matter how unbelievable or outrageous in the Kingsverse, are based on a version of something that actually happened in the wild and crazy world of professional wrestling.  So please kids, DO NOT try any of this at home!

Most Downloaded Sports-based

Audio Drama Podcast in History!

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KINGS OF THE RING mirrors the most pivotal time in wrestling history, the early 1980's ... The Wrestling World was what it had been for decades.  The industry evenly divided into major Territories.  An Alliance of the most powerful promoters in the country.  To maintain order, balance, and peace.  As a way for everyone to prosper.   

But one man saw this as a form of control, an impediment to progress, and evolution.  A losing debate this man engaged in for years with his father, one of the founders of this Alliance.  A debate of ethics and morals on the effects of unbridled competition and a philosophical debate on how to present wrestling, as sport or entertainment?  A debate that has become wholly irrelevant, because the old man is now dead, and Julian Cain has just inherited the keys to the kingdom, and all Hell is about to break loose ... 

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Kings of the Ring ...

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